Packers and Movers Cost Calculator

Packing and Moving is a complex task, one of the complexity being estimating the approximate cost and setting the budget as per the estimation. The process of shifting becomes easy if the price of relocation can be calculated in advance as one can fully plan the relocation after knowing the said budget. To help you in estimating the correct cost, SurfIndia has launched the packers and movers cost calculator. Just put the relevant details in the respective fields and find out the budget that needs to be allocated to the relocation.

Simplify the calculation of shifting with the help of our new tool. All those who like to plan and prepare in advance can find out the approx moving price in advance, plan accordingly, and then they can execute the same plan in an efficient manner.

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Frequently Asked Question

The packers and movers companies pack your belongings and move them from one place to another. People from all over the world take the help of these companies when they plan to locate their homes or their offices.

India is a very big country, so the packers and movers charge different prices in different cities. The approximate average of Packers and movers charges in India is:

  • Inter-city relocation: Inter-city relocation Packers and Movers can charge anything from rupees 3000 to rupees 15000 depending upon the other factors.
  • Intra-city relocation: For intra-city relocation, the Packers and Movers can charge anything from rupees 2000 to rupees 10000 depending upon the other factors.
The packers and movers have the following advantages:
  • Efficient packing of goods: relocation companies have years of experience in the respective field so they can pack the goods in an efficient manner.
  • Secure moving of goods: these moving companies use the relevant tools and equipment to move the belongings. The chances of getting damaged are very rare.
  • Budgeted shifting: with years of experience, these companies have learned to shift the belongings of your homes or offices at pocket-friendly prices.
  • Stress-free moving experience: moving to a different home or office in a new or same city is a stressful task, but you can remove the excess stress by hiring a good packing and moving company and trusting them with this job.
The packing and moving companies provide the following services:
  • Home relocation : move your home from one place to another in a stress-free manner.
  • Office relocation : Relocate the stuff of your office with the help of experienced and skillful companies.
  • Warehousing services : in the process of moving, if you need a place to show your belongings, these moving companies will provide you with secure warehousing services.
  • Intercity shifting : Shift from one city to another city or state within a reasonable price.
  • Intracity shifting : relocate your house or office in the same city with the help of moving companies.
  • International shifting : international shifting requires a lot of documentation so let the professionals do their work in an efficient manner.
  • Vehicle moving services : move your vehicle, whether it's a car or two-wheelers, without worrying about damaging or scratching it.

Yes, the moving companies provide the services of dissembling the goods at the time of packing and reassembling of goods at the time of arranging of goods, provided the customer will need to pay extra for such services.

A pre-move survey is when the moving company selected by you visits your home or office to take a look at your belongings to give you an exact quotation.

No, the packers and movers will not shift to the following stuff:
  • Valuable goods like jewelry or cash
  • Essential items like medicines and mobile phones
  • Hazardous Items like acids.
  • Explosives like batteries etc.