Birthday Cake Delivery

Birthday is a special moment for all, and everyone eagerly waits for it—lots of surprises, wishes, gifts, and, off-course, your favorite cake. But finding a store that promises you to deliver the best quality birthday cake is tough. Our site SurfIndia is a website that has listed many reliable stores that deliver good quality cakes at an acceptable cost.

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Kriti Awasthi 30 May 2021

Amazing Cake Ideas for Baby Shower

Everything about the baby shower is amazing, from cute little gifts to adorable decorations. There is excitement in the air, and everyone is waiting for the arrival of the little guest. It’s the most beautiful time of a parent’s life as their life is about to change in the most fantastic way. The baby shower....

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Kriti Awasthi 28 May 2021

12 Adorable Kid’s Birthday Cake Idea: Make the day unforgettable with a delicious treat

Cakes are mouth-watering desserts liked by every kid. It has been an important part of celebrations for ages. The kids are always super excited about their birthdays which means they are looking forward to attention, cake, and gifts...

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Kriti Awasthi 23 May 2021

Learn to Love Salad with these mouthwatering Recipes

Salad is an unpleasant word due to its bland taste and boring flavors even though it is green and healthy. All of us want to eat salad, maybe to lose weight or to get glowing skin or just to get fit. Whatever the reason is, eating salad is essential for all of us....

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, the ingredients used by the bakeries are 100% safe and consumable. They bake it from scratch and only deliver fresh cakes.
Yes, the listed bakeries offer self-pickup service to our customers. But before picking up your order, you need to inform the respective bakery about it, and then they will keep your cake safe till you pick it up.
If you want to pick your order by yourself, inform the bakery first and let them know about it. You can call or contact them, and they will do the best in terms of delivery charges.
Yes, the listed bakeries provide schedule delivery with some extra amount. Contact the concerned service provider and tell them about it, they will explain all the terms and conditions.
Yes, most of the listed bakeries bake photo cakes. You need to send the birthday-person photo to the respective bakeries, and they will bake it for you.