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How to prepare for Pest Control Treatment

Pests are the most disgusting-looking creatures and other than being spooky, they are also carrier of many diseases. There isn’t a single sane human that would want to stay with pests in the same house but getting ...

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Frequently Asked Question

Q-1- What are the payment modes that you accept??
Ans- We accept cash as well as online transaction method like G-pay, Paytm, Cards.
Q-2- What are the working hours to reach you out?
Ans- Customer care is available 24* 7 for your service, and services are provided each day of the week.
Q-3- Do we need to leave home during treatment?
Ans- No, you do not have to leave your home or workplace during treatment.
Q-4- What causes insect infestations in a home?
Ans-Pests are attracted to your home for several reasons, including:
Seasonal changes
Weather changes
Food and water shortages
Loss of habitat
Q-5- What is the average cost to get rid of termites?
Ans-The average cost to get termites is Rs 1000 -Rs 1500. But it also depends on where you live, the size of your house or building, and how well you handle yourself and your premises.