Termite Pest Control Services

Every-year, termite infestation causes damage worth crores of rupees. These small yet eerie creatures are a serious threat to property. If you are also one of those people who are suffering from a termite attack, then don’t worry! You have the Termite control experts at your fingertips at Surfindia.com. The professional enlisted here will make sure to get rid of these termites and safeguard your property and belongings.

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Kriti Awasthi 22 May 2021

Checklist for Pest Control in Summer: Keep the Unwanted guests house out of House

Summer is all about happiness and sunny weather. The summer vacation brings not only fun but also many pests. We open the doors to our houses to bring the cool breeze into our homes in hot summer but with breeze comes mosquitoes...

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Kriti Awasthi 21 May 2021

5 Important Do’s & Don’ts for Pest Control & Management at Home!!

As per the research, approximately 700 million people get hospitalized because of the diseases caused by mosquitoes and termites. If the house is left unchecked with mosquitoes and pests, it will cause several harmful and severe health...

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Kriti Awasthi 16 March 2021

How to prepare for Pest Control Treatment

Pests are the most disgusting-looking creatures and other than being spooky, they are also carrier of many diseases. There isn’t a single sane human that would want to stay with pests in the same house but getting ...

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About Locust Controls

In 1945, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) was created In Quebec City, Canada, by the first session of the newly created United Nations.

  • A locust is a large, mainly tropical grasshopper with strong powers of flight. They differ from ordinary grasshoppers in their ability to change behaviour (gregarize) and form swarms that can migrate over large distances.
  • Locusts are generally seen during the months of June and July as the insects are active from summer to the rainy season.
  • Locusts have a high capacity to multiply, form groups, migrate over relatively large distances (they can fly up to 150 km per day) and, if good rains fall and ecological conditions become favourable, rapidly reproduce and increase some 20-fold in three months.
  • Threat to Vegetation: Locust adults can eat their own weight every day, i.e. about two grams of fresh vegetation per day. A very small swarm eats as much in one day as about 35,000 people, posing a devastating threat to crops and food security.

Frequently Asked Question

Termites feast on dead plants and trees. Wood makes their most of food; they also consume paper and drywall.
Usually, Pest control lasts up to four months, but pest control professional may recommend longer or shorter timelines.
Most of the Pest control companies offers subscription plan, but one should discuss the same before hiring them.
To prepare for Pest control services, make sure you have cleaned your house and remove all the valuables and kept them in a safe place.
Termites are hazardous for your property and furniture as they create their society in your walls and wooden furniture, eat their way through it and make it shallow, ultimately destroying it properly.