Bee Hive Removal

Removing Bee Hives can be a tricky task as they are a dangerous being, but also killing them is harmful to our planet as they are an important part of nature. To remove the beehive that is posing as a threat to your safety, you will need a professional pest control service provider. They have training and experience in removing the bees safely from the property. You can explore the list of companies and hire the best Bee Hive removers from SurfIndia.

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Frequently Asked Question

A colony of bees usually takes 1-3 days to die off completely. Sometimes it requires more treatment and can take a long time depending on the population of bees in the area.
Inspect your beehives between the hours of 11:00 to 2:00. Due to high temperatures, bees do not get active, so you can easily inspect them.
Yes, the pest control team is beneficial. They are knowledgeable and skilled enough about the bees and their behavior. Once you inform them, they will do the free inspection and try to take the bee alive for their benefit to make honey and pollination.
Vinegar is the best home remedy used to kill the bee. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water, fill it in a spray bottle and spray on the bees. The smell of the vinegar will instantly kill the bees.
At 41 degrees temperature, bees cannot operate their shivering muscles to stay warm, so they get to die.