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How to prepare for Pest Control Treatment

Pests are the most disgusting-looking creatures and other than being spooky, they are also carrier of many diseases. There isn’t a single sane human that would want to stay with pests in the same house but getting ...

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Frequently Asked Question

Q-1- What is the best product to kill mosquitoes?
Ans- Mix an equal amount of 70% isopropyl alcohol and water into a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the screen to kill them.
Q-2- Can I stay at home after pest control?
Ans- If you are sensitive to or have allergies to fumes and chemicals, it will be a good idea to stay outdoors during the pest control process. And once the smell and the vapours clear out, which usually do within a2-3 hours, you can return back to your home or office premises.
Q-3-How much does a rat exterminator cost in New Delhi?
Ans- Rat exterminator charges approximately Rs 1000- Rs 1500.
Q-4-What are payment modes accepted here?
Ans- You can pay through cash, cards, cheques.