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Kriti Awasthi Mar-2021

Top 5 places to visit in summer vacation of 2021

2020 had been a nutty-crazy year for all of us. Most of us were prisoners of our houses. For those few months, we lost our sanity and our will to go outside

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Start your most awaited journey without worrying about comfortable hotels and resorts. At SurfIndia, we bring the option of boundless hotels and resorts at your fingertips. Your option goes from basic to luxurious, but one thing is constant, that is exuberant hospitality. Whether in the lap of mountains or the solitude of the beach, whether in the midst of nature or the center of the city, you can find the comfort of the roof in any place. Here, you can find theme hotels as well so, be the king by renting a place or enjoy the modern architecture by booking a modern contemporary resort. Explore the wide range of lists of hotels and resorts and compare the same on the basis of location, price, luxury, services, and reviews.

Frequently Asked Question

SurfIndia is the best site to book hotels and resorts across India.
The general check-in timing is 12 PM in the noon, and the check-out timing is the same. This timing can vary as per the policy of the hotel.
One can book a hotel room after he or she turned 18 years old.
Hotels offer services like food, car parking, spa, gyms, swimming pools, Internet facility, Valet service, In-house laundry Toiletries, Electronic safe in the room, etc.
Hotels usually include only rooms, but resorts give more space, privacy, and entertainment options.
Many hotels serve alcohol, but only if you are above 21 in age.
The hotel would need a government-approved ID card at the time of arrival.
Many resorts or hotels allow you to do private parties in separate areas dedicated to such events. If you tell them, they will arrange all the necessary items with some extra penny.
Yes, you book as many rooms as you like with one ID card.
A double bed has one big bed useful for two people, while a twin bed is two separate beds in a single room.