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The stress-buster vacation is around the corner. Most of the people have already decided on their vacation destinations and are quite excited about their tour. If you have selected the place as well but getting confused about the luxury accommodation, then you are at the right place. SurfIndia is an online directory that provides you with many luxury hotel options. So, explore the list and don't compromise with luxury and comfort.

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Kriti Awasthi 01 June 2021

South Facing House Vastu Tips and Rules – A way to break all the Myths

Over an amount of time, South facing houses have earned a horrible reputation, and many believed that South facing houses create a bad omen and demand of such houses are always...

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Kriti Awasthi 31 May 2021

11 Best Beaches in India- A-List of Paradise on the Earth

The ocean surrounds India, and the state has some spectacular beaches that offer dazzling views and exciting night parties. The top beaches in the country can be found on the west coast, with Goa being the most visited place. Also, last year, in October, many Indian beaches...

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Kriti Awasthi 25 May 2021

Best Hiking destination for Adventure Enthusiasts

Trekking is an adventure that gives you an adrenaline rush, takes you close to nature, and keeps you fit. All nature lovers know that getting lost in the wonders of the earth is a life-altering experience. The best part of India is that it offers you every type of trekking experience....

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, the foods served by the hotels are certified by FSSAI as it is mandatory to work and follow the Government's guidelines. And all the registered hotels on our site are certified and verified to provide you the best quality and hygienic food.
It differs from hotel to hotel as some hotel allows any visitors to their premises but some does not allow any extra guest due to safety and security purpose. Hotels that allow visitors to arrive at the property have to register their name, cross-check with their ID card at the reception. Also, there is a time limit to stay in a hotel room.
Yes, you can take your girlfriend/boyfriend to the hotel. No law has been made till now that restricts any unmarried couple from staying in the hotel. It is at the discretion of the hotels and their manager to allow or not to allow unmarried couples to stay in their hotel.

There are two types of reservation in hotels:

  • Confirmed reservation
  • Guaranteed reservation
A confirmed reservation means that reservation charges have not been paid yet, but the hotel has kept one room based on some terms and conditions. In comparison, a guaranteed reservation means that the reservation charge has been paid in advance, and the hotel must keep a room for you.